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This is the question that we receive most frequently on social networks, however the final sale price varies depending on the characteristics of the machine (useful measures, technology, peripherals, optional accessories, etc.). So we recommend contacting our sales team to request a quote.

Yes, the vacuum cabinets are offered apart from the machines.

Shipments within the peninsula are included. Those shipments outside are offered separately.

On the “nameplate” installed on your machine, which resembles the following illustration:

First look for your machine’s serial number.

In case of being a consumable, look for the model and the brand.

Finally, with this code, contact us to specify the shipping details.

Our machines are manufactured in modular groups of 4 or 5 heads depending on the length of the cone.

In case of special customer need, the machine can be adapted to the number of heads requested.

Yes, only for internal use processes where the finish of the cone is not essential.



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