SM Model

Hank to cone winding machine

Modular hank to cone winding machine with 4 spindles which can be extended up to a maximum of 40, for converting hank dyed yarns to cone in the dye house.

The model is offered with a manual swift as standard, with the option of a pneumatic version.

Each spindle has its own motor and frequency inverter with included yarn meter counter, which stops the take up cone at the preset length. This enables easy start up and handling with the advantage of low noise levels, low maintenance cost and low power consumption.


  • Most suitable yarn counts: 60 – 1 Nm
  • Max. Supply hank weight: 1 Kg
  • Max. Supply hank dimensions: 756 - 1710 mm perimeter by 280 mm width
  • Winding speed: 0 - 1200 m/min
  • Yarn traverse (inches/mm): 6”/152, 8”/200, 10”/250
  • Take-up cones: 0º, 3º30’, 4º20’, 5º57’
  • Maximum diameter of take up bobbins: 300 mm



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